When the Executive Team at my organization approached me about creating a film for our Father's Day Services, I wanted to present a different approach to the holiday.
For Many, Father's Day is a holiday fraught with memories of human fathers who have fallen short. Their view of a father-God has been shaped by their own painful experiences of their own fathers' shortcomings.
Getting to know Cesar was a privilege. As we heard him tell his story, he would close his eyes as moments from his past came flooding back to him. I knew that when he closed his eyes, he was transported back to those times from his past.
Rather than try to recreate these moments just as they had happened, my goal was to bring the viewer into his memory. For the visual story, the audience would follow him as he walked about the landscapes of his past experience.
My cinematographer and I collaborated to create a look and feel that would progressively move from Psychologically-charged Primary colors to a progressively more realistic look as the film moved from Cesar's past into his present. We also selected a unique set of still lenses which allow the image to break and bend in and out of focus, to give the feeling of traveling through memory.

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